Aside from making ourselves healthy by eating healthy foods and exercising. We need to go to the gym and have a good figure to look fit and nice. If you want to make yourself even more beautiful then you need to under the influence of cosmetics.  


There are many people now who are becoming a New York makeup artist as it could give them the chance to work with famous makeup artist and be able to put make up to their favorite celebrities. Doing this kind of thing needs a lot of patience and deeper knowledge about making someone even more beautiful with the use of the right color and proper application of the different cosmetics to the face. The blending of the colors is also a skill that you need to know and be able to come up with a perfect and excellent result.  

Some people would even go to those famous countries under the field of make ups and many more. Here are some of the brighter sides of being a professional one under the field of cosmetic industry. 

  1. Working as a makeup artist means that you don’t need to have a boss or to be part of a company so that you could have a work. You can make up your mind whether you want to work on that day or not. You can also think about when you do you like to go for vacation and don’t need to worry about filing for a leave. Your schedule can be split or flexible depending on how you manage your time or free time. You can do this one as your part time work or even during your spare time only. They can call you for example in case that there will be an event or a party and even for the wedding. You don’t have to think about overtime pay as you can work as much as you can. You are not the one who will adjust to the customers you have but if they like you so much, they will be the one to adjust their schedule in order to get your service.  
  2. You can have the chance to travel especially if your client will request for a photoshoot somewhere far or another city. This is your chance to get along with different places and locations without spending money for the fare because it will be shouldered by the client who requested you to have your service.  
  3. You don’t have to worry about the pay or salary as all the money will go to you directly. You earn what you work for. Some would even become so rich as their clients are big time and famous? Some companies like photoshoot companies or agencies would even hire to if ever there is a client who would request for a makeup. 
  4. There is a big chance to meet different and new friends. It will create a good connection to most of them as they could learn and share their experiences the same thing with you.